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Terence Clark
6 years ago
Not sure why this got a low rank from a user given they didn't give a reason. For environments with multiple DBMS systems and users on multiple OS platforms, Razor is tough to beat. I've now used it for MSSQL Server, Oracle, Greenplum, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and now MongoDB. It hooks up, runs, and does all of my syntax highlighting in any of these environments, no questions asked, right out of the box. And being able to keep my SQL IDE when crossing over from Windows to Linux Mint was great.DBMS specific tools are better if you never leave a specific DBMS. SSMS is a better option for SQL Server, Toad does a better job for Oracle. But if you need flexibility to handle multiple OS and DBMS environments, Razor is easily the front-runner.My only complaint is it only stores queries that have been executed in its history so on a hard reboot, I lose anything I had been writing that hadn't yet been executed. But honestly that's as much a user error as it is a Razor issue.
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